Everything is just beginning: New York Times announces the beginning of the American collapse

Poverty, hunger, unemployment, unrest, the budget devastated by the crisis, and the power that “puts out the fire with gasoline” – this is modern America.

Everything is just beginning: New York Times announces the beginning of the American collapse

About this writes the publication The New York Times.

According to media reports, the United States was on the verge of a second civil war. Confirmation of this is the unrest provoked by police arbitrariness and spread throughout the country in just a few days. It is noteworthy that not only the murder of African-American George Floyd caused riots. So, the crowd demanded justice in respect of Breona Taylor, an African-American, who was shot dead by police, bursting into her apartment in March.

It took just a couple of months for the United States to be engulfed in the flames of revolution, the article says. Today’s America is the 100,000 victims of an epidemic that has exposed a helpless healthcare system, economic inequality, police arbitrariness, and growing nationalism.

University of Michigan historian Heather Ann Thompson hopes the situation will be peaceful. At the same time, she is confident that until then, the United States “will survive the moment when everything becomes much more stressful.”

Everything that is happening in the United States suggests that “the economic collapse of the pandemic is just beginning,” writes The New York Times, because the states begin lifting the moratorium on eviction, increased unemployment benefits will no longer be paid in July, the local budget was devastated by the epidemic.

“Where people are ruined, and there seems to be no help, no leadership, no clarity about what will happen, this creates conditions for anger, rage, despair and hopelessness, which can be very unstable,” says the assistant professor African American Studies, Princeton University, Keeng-Yamaha Taylor.