1700 soldiers sent to the epicenter of the American pogroms

In Minnesota, protest-ridden troops deployed to fight protesters against police brutality.

1700 soldiers sent to the epicenter of the American pogroms

On Saturday, May 30, reports the agency “Bloomberg”.

According to media reports, the state will operate 1,700 troops, as the previous methods of combating the riots did not work. In particular, the protesters ignored the decree imposing a curfew, and the police are not enough to fight the riots, as there are many more demonstrators.

Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz said that “the state is in chaos.” The official called the protests “an unprecedented threat.”

“We are trying to use all the tools we have,” he said, emphasizing that “the rioters are ready to do as much damage as possible.”

According to him, the troops will act in the midst of unrest, protecting state property, in particular, assets of the Federal Reserve.

As News Front previously reported, violent clashes with police, riots and arsons went beyond Minneapolis, where a policeman killed African-American George Floyd. As you know, he was detained on suspicion of forging a check for $ 20. During the arrest, the policeman began to press his knee on Floyd’s neck. He said that he had nothing to breathe, but the policeman did not listen. As a result, the detainee died.


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