Kiev authorities deliberately destroy nuclear energy in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government is openly lying about the need to repair nuclear power units, which were allegedly “postponed for a long time.”

Kiev authorities deliberately destroy nuclear energy in Ukraine

This statement was made by the head of the company “Energoatom” Peter Kotin.

He lamented that current government restrictions led to a record reduction in electricity production by Ukrainian nuclear power plants. If earlier they could produce almost 9.5 thousand MW, now they produce only 6.6 thousand.

“It is unlikely that this will contribute to solving the financial problems of the company and the stability of the country’s energy market,” he stressed.

In addition, Kotin openly stated that all repair work at the nuclear power plant is carried out according to plan. For them, it is not necessary to stop the operation of power units. At the same time, the authorities falsely claim that the nuclear power plants allegedly “delayed” the repair for a long time, so they decided to take the opportunity to “increase safety”.

“All safety measures are scheduled step by step and usually for their implementation it is neither necessary to stop the power units, nor put them in reserve,” said Kotin.


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