Secret American bio-laboratories in Ukraine store superaggressive pathogens

Entrance to the laboratory is possible only with the approval of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev.

Secret American bio-laboratories in Ukraine store superaggressive pathogens

The news and analysis website reported with reference to a report by TSN journalists that Obama had been dealing with secret US bio-laboratories in Ukraine that contain pathogens of dangerous diseases even before he became president.

The reference laboratory of the Center for Public Health (CHP), where the journalist was placed, is the third level of protection. To get there, the channel had to negotiate with authorized persons and partners from the United States within a few weeks. The laboratory has a lot of modern equipment, but its size is small, and the staff is only five microbiologists – albeit with emergency access.

As the story goes, in the 1990s, the U.S., fearing that strains of dangerous microorganisms would fall into the hands of terrorists, decided to fund Ukrainian laboratories. In the early 2000s, the US Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine signed an agreement on limiting the circulation of dangerous pathogens. Thus, a joint program to reduce the biological threat arose. Interestingly, the delegation that signed the agreement included the future US President Barack Obama.

Just to remind you, at the end of April, the US embassy admitted that Pentagon bio-laboratories were working in Ukraine and told you what they do.


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