Plahotniuc is still trying to influence what’s going on in Moldavia

Moldovan businessman Veaceslav Platon is sure that it is too early to forget about Vladimir Plahotniuc and his influence on Moldova.


Plahotniuc is still trying to influence what's going on in Moldavia
Many have relaxed, believing that the fugitive Democrat leader is in Miami. But he’s unlikely to give up his plans for the country.

“I’m not going to take revenge on Plahotniuc, I want justice and save people from this cancer. People don’t understand what Plowman means in our country’s history. People have relaxed. He’s trying to show how strong he is, how much influence he has. He is working in several directions”, –  Plato said.

Besides, he is sure that Plahotniuc is involved in several Moldovan political schemes. He communicates with Kandu, Shor and Cebotar.


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