Moldavian Socialists support Dodon’s initiatives

The leader of the PSRM faction believes that the opposition’s reaction is hysteria and demonstrates that it’s better for them only when citizens and the country are worse. 

Moldavian Socialists support Dodon's initiatives

Corneliu Furculice, chairman of the parliamentary faction of socialists, said that the PSRM will support the initiatives of the country’s president Igor Dodon.

“President Igor Dodon has proposed a number of socio-economic initiatives that will help people, especially in times of crisis. We are talking about 700 lei for pensioners who receive up to 3 thousand lei per month, as well as a phased doubling of salaries for doctors. The political opposition, instead of welcoming these social measures, criticizes them, ” Furculita wrote.

Furculita reminded political opponents that they had a chance to help Moldovans when they were in power.

“The current government knows where to find the necessary financial resources to help people. Unlike political opponents from the past government, who only borrowed from people, raising taxes, fees and tariffs, the current one provides financial support to citizens, ” concluded Furculita.


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