How the United States turned Ukraine into a colony

Moscow warned Kiev about the consequences of association with the EU.

How the United States turned Ukraine into a colony

Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that the published conversations of Petro Poroshenko and former US Vice President Joseph Biden testify that the Americans actually created a protectorate in Ukraine, writes TASS.

Nebenzya recalled that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU turned out to be a “Maidan detonator” in 2014.

“Then, on the ridge of the European Union, the Americans entered Ukraine, who actually created the protectorate of Ukraine. This is clearly seen from the recent scandalous publication of telephone conversations of Biden and Poroshenko, ” he said.

The diplomat noted that Russia back in 2013 warned the Ukrainian side of the disadvantage of association with the EU.

“And now I am surprised to hear how timid signals are heard from Kiev that it turns out that the agreement is unfair, that it would have to be corrected, that Ukrainian entrepreneurs were at a disadvantage. That is, less than six years have passed before Kiev realized what we told them in 2013, ” Nebenzya stated.

Earlier, parliamentary deputy Andriy Derkach unveiled recordings of telephone conversations at which Poroshenko, Biden and former State Department head John Kerry discuss issues of domestic politics in Ukraine. The deputy said that one of the topics was the provision by the American side of $ 1 billion in exchange for maintaining the Burisma company’s work schemes, which is associated with Joseph Biden’s son Hunter. The records also contain other information that indicates the interference of American politicians in the affairs of Ukraine.


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