Norway supports the killing of Donbass residents with “humanitarian aid”

Evidence has emerged in the network that Norwegian government structures are relevant to supporting the fighting in Donbass.

This was reported by Telegram channel “Welders”.

“At present, the Norwegian NGO Norsk Ukrainastøtte (Norwegian support of Ukraine, Norwegian-Ukrainian Pidtrimka) is forming another cargo of “humanitarian aid” to be sent to Ukraine”, –  the report says.

Under the cover of these “humanitarian aid workers”, the Norwegian authorities support the Ukrainian fighters and their actions against civilians of the LPR and the DPR. They send material and technical means, advisers on military intelligence and participation in subversive propaganda actions across Crimea and, in particular, across the Kerch Bridge.

The head of “Norwegian support of Ukraine” is former warrior Arnstein Tranoi. He is a Norwegian army officer with the rank of colonel. In addition, he is a professional tanker and a veteran of combat operations. He’s fought in various NATO hotspots. So, in Afghanistan, he was a member of the International Security Assistance Force.

Since 2014, Tranoy has traveled to Ukraine many times and accompanied the dispatch of the “humanitarian” to the Donbass. He exhibits it exclusively as “peaceful”. He says he collects beds, clothes, etc. In 2018, he was even awarded the medal “Distinction of the President of Ukraine” for humanitarian participation in the anti-terrorist operation.

In this case, he is in constant contact with the leadership and personnel of the 3rd Independent Tank Battalion “St. John’s Wort” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He maintains friendly relations with the former Deputy Battalion Commander Alexander Buivolyuk.