Media recalls Trump playing golf amid pandemic

The US President Donald Trump prefers to spend leisure time playing golf, when the number of victims of the pandemic in the United States approaches 100 thousand, French Le Figaro writes.

Media recalls Trump playing golf amid pandemic

In confirmation of this, as an example, the publication cited a Twitter post from George Conway, known for his criticism of the current American administration and the husband of one of the White House’s advisers, Kellianne Conway.

So, in the social network, Conway posted a photo of the front page of The New York Times with a list of those killed by the coronavirus, and Trump playing golf nearby.

Le Figaro hosts a repost of this tweet made by Joe Biden, Trump’s possible rival in the November elections.

In 2014, Donald Trump taunted his predecessor Barack Obama, who also preferred to devote his spare time to golf instead of looking for a way out of the Ebola epidemic that erupted then.

In the United States, 11 people contracted the disease, and two died. The result of the current pandemic will soon reach 100 thousand people, the publication recalls.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have warned about the dangers of the drug “advertised” by Trump against COVID-19.


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