Rally against policy of Zelensky is taking place on the Maidan in Kiev

The “Stop Rematch” protest rally against the policy of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is taking place in the center of Kiev on Independence Square in Kiev, Ukrainian TV channels broadcast.

The action started at 14.00 (coincides with Moscow time), a scene with the slogans “Stop revenge” was set up on Maidan.

The event is attended by several hundred people, some of them hold the flags of the Ukrainian nationalist party “National Corps”, some – the flags of Ukraine and a number of nationalist organizations.

The organizers express their dissatisfaction with the activities of the authorities and the president, including with regard to Donbass.

To ensure public safety and order, police and military personnel of the National Guard of Ukraine were involved. Outfits of law enforcement officers serve in heavy duty.

In mid-February, Sputnik radio reported that in Kiev, in protest against reform, a man committed self-immolation.