The US consistently breaks the entire global security system

As the world knows, the United States never violates any treaties. This is generally a holy country, a light of freedom and democracy and the City on the hill. But other countries, using these same treaties, are constantly striving for the United States to somehow deceive. Russia, China, Iran – a lot of countries use the credulity and naivety of the Americans. And then, the USA, with the appearance of a gentleman insulted in the best feelings, withdraws from various treaties.

The US consistently breaks the entire global security system

And it doesn’t matter who the president is in the USA. Yes, now, under Trump, the concentration of exits from all these agreements is extremely high. In 2018, the United States withdrew from the just-concluded nuclear deal with Iran, over which many countries worked for years. It goes without saying that the United States did not have any evidence of violation of this transaction. Iran was extremely transparent, the IAEA inspectors worked freely on its territory, the deal suited all participating countries. The Iranian economy, after a long period of very severe sanctions, has received a new impetus for development. Iran began to sell oil again, foreign investors pulled into the country, especially from European countries. And exactly at this very moment, Donald Trump announces the withdrawal from the transaction. Sanctions are again imposed, even more severe than they were, and European firms that started working in Iran also fall under them.

Then there was a withdrawal from the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles. By the way, this contract was initially unfair. But only, first in relation to the USSR, and then to Russia. The fact is that he did not touch a huge number of American sea-based missiles. The USSR let under the knife all the Oka and Pioneer complexes, the Americans removed the Pershing from Europe, but all ship systems, of which there were a great many, did not fall under the contract.

The Tomahawks on cruisers, destroyers and submarines remained at the disposal of the United States and were ready to bring freedom, democracy and prosperity to anywhere in the world. But, in 2019, it turned out that this treaty violates Russia. The claim concerned only one missile, and the Russian military invited the American inspectors for a thorough inspection, but they did not agree. It is understandable. After all, there was no violation; all that was needed was just a pretext, albeit a fabricated one.

Now, the US has a new topic. Americans withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty. This is one of the contracts that worked quite reliably and without mutual claims. It was signed back in 1992 and its partners, in addition to the United States and Russia, were Canada, Turkey and many European countries. The agreement obliged all countries that signed it to allow inspection flights over their territory. For this, aircraft equipped with special equipment for shooting were used. Everyone was happy with everything. Control flights were regular and depended only on the weather. And then, it suddenly turns out that Russia violates this agreement! And do not ask how – it violates everything! As with the Iranian deal, even European countries were in shock. Not all of them, of course, with the exception of those who are traditionally among the “grunts,” such as Poland, which also immediately reported violations of the treaty by Russia.

And I repeat once again – this is not about Trump, and indeed not about the president’s personality. It is worth recalling that one of the most important treaties on world security, the ABM Treaty, was broken by America under George W. Bush in 2001. Do you remember how the United States withdrew from this treaty, explaining its actions by the fact that missile defense is very necessary in Poland and Romania to protect against Iran and, it seems, North Korea? Moreover, they must be delivered in the same containers that are used to launch the Tomahawks. The structural difference there is only in the cables and the outer periphery. In general, in order to convert a missile cell into a cruise missile cell, you only need a couple of hours. And by the way, this is also a direct violation of the INF Treaty, which I wrote about above and which “Russia violated.”

Apparently, the next treaty, which will be sacrificed to the ambitions of the “world hegemon”, will be an agreement on offensive strategic weapons. It is not necessary to leave it, it already ends next year. Enough, it just does not renew. The USA is consistently breaking the entire world security system. For what purpose? This remains a mystery. Because there is no logic in such actions. And no one benefits from this.

For example, the response to the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty was the creation by Russia of new types and types of weapons, including hypersonic ones, which are guaranteed to overcome any missile defense. It is unlikely that this is exactly the effect that the Americans expected.


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