Ex-Rada deputy agreed with possible collapse of Ukraine

Vladimir Oleinik on the air of the NSN said that maintaining the integrity of the state can happen if the country’s authorities decide to federalize state administration.

Ex-Rada deputy agreed with possible collapse of Ukraine

The former head of the SBU said what other regions Ukraine might lose.

Major General Vasily Vovk noted that today the first candidates for separation from Ukraine are Transcarpathia and Bukovina, where a significant part of the local population has Hungarian and Czech passports, and is also financially fueled by the Hungarian leadership. Another potentially separate region Vovk called the Chernihiv region, where many Belarusians live. The ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Oleinik on the air of the NSN said that many politicians predicted the collapse of the country. According to him, the last hope for Zelensky did not materialize.

“The Ukrainian government itself, and its representatives, including Kuchma, and other fairly authoritative people, have long been saying that Ukraine can survive as a single state only with the right policies, or it will collapse into several regions. In the southeast, patience is already breaking. There was some hope for Zelensky, he nevertheless declared serious changes in language, in democracy, in nationalists, and so on, but, unfortunately, Poroshenko continues his policy. A policy of split is being pursued – divide and conquer. With this, in the end, one can expect the collapse of any country, ” he predicted.

In Kiev, Volodin’s prophetic prediction about the collapse of Ukraine was announced. The NSN interlocutor added that the only possible way to maintain a single state lies in the federalization of Ukraine. More and more regions of the country are already insisting on this.