Trump showed amazing support for the crisis level

Despite the catastrophic situation with coronavirus, only a small part of the Americans changed their attitude towards Donald Trump to negative.

Trump showed amazing support for the crisis level

This is evidenced by the results of a sociological study conducted by the Associated Press.

The survey showed that 41% of Americans approve of the president. 58% gave a negative answer. The AP noted that such indicators “correspond to Trump’s support before the pandemic, as well as during more than three years of his presidency.”

Experts also drew attention to the “amazing features” of Trump’s tenure as head of state. Neither controversial statements, nor an attempted impeachment, nor a historical crisis in the healthcare sector forced the Americans to change their attitude towards Trump, although he could not increase his support.

Political technologist Alice Stuart commented on the situation, calling the presidency of Donald Trump “a great example of the Rorschach’s political test.”

“People who want to see the president do a good job will see it no matter how the card goes. If they want to see him doing a terrible job, they will see it no matter what happens, ” she explained.


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