Soros Absorber and his watchdogs

George Soros absorbs entire countries, financial institutions, public organizations, almost everything that may be interesting to him and his owners, representatives of the global global empire; influence, income, profit, political capital and more.

Soros Absorber and his watchdogs

His “chicks or more venerable watchdogs” are based all over the world, in the institutions of finance, politics, the media, education, NGOs, as well as migration agencies.

With the acquisition of control over Facebook, Soros’s grandiose construction plan was probably completed, or at least close to completion. It finances a unique and powerful civic network.

The V4NA news agency conducted a real Sisyphean Labor campaign to explore the entire global network funded by Soros. In the first episode, he only explored the United States, but already there we were able to see amazing figures.

According to information posted on the official website of the Open Society Foundation (OSF), Soros’ own operations center, in 2018 in the United States, it supported a total of 571 organizations, scholarships, and collaboration. It is worth writing it again: 571 cases of financial assistance only in the USA. It is about hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars.

We already know that “Uncle Georgie is like Figaro here and there,” that is, everywhere. He also has influence over the Avaaz World Activist Organization, which has over 60 million members. And wherever he looks, his watchdogs constantly tear the throats of governments that do not support his ideas of an open society, not to mention his business plans. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that they turned out to be right-wing, conservative governments.

Soros has one of the largest “factions” in the European Parliament.

Recently, during the memorable “debate against Hungary” in the European Parliament, the Magyars were again able to make sure that many politicians of the EP have a common cause with Soros, or rather, “with his pocket.” From the selection of the Hungarian press, it was also found that the Open Society of Soros was associated with 226 deputies of the European Parliament. About this back in 2018, a publication appeared on the site of the Dutch analog Wikileaks, it is called DC-leaks.

“Philanthropist” Soros keeps his people-wards on a short leash, regularly meets with them, often even with the heads of the European Commission. In practice, this also has a direct impact on the European Court.

It also has an impact on exchange rates and ratings of financial rating agencies, but only “as needed”.

Remembering the Council on Foreign Relations (CMO), and studying its history, which has about a hundred years, you can understand how small the “global world” is and how simple its work is. QS consists exclusively of American citizens and American companies. Of course, Soros is a member of it. However, among the companies there are many large banks, financial consulting firms, energy companies, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, but we also find here the most famous credit rating agencies.

QS also has subsidiaries, including in Europe, and they have already created their own, national organizations in larger European states.

To consult with the right people, institutions or organizations about the activities of Soros, you may need to act quickly. After all, Soros also unexpectedly attacks countries, currencies, exchange rates, banks, including in Hungary, France, in Asian countries, such as Thailand, as well as the UK.

Recently, Soros unsuccessfully attacked the Hungarian forint. The national security services of different countries also regularly investigate the activities of Soros, since his actions often pose a threat to national security.

He also does not let education out of his sight.

If you look more closely at the list of members of “student leaders in the world” – although it is not so easy to look at more than 5,000 names – you will find that there are also many university functionaries, even professors. This may be the reason why they are so fiercely protesting conservative values ​​on American campuses, trying to intimidate and drive away conservative students and colleagues. It is not easy to be a student there, “not a left-liberal direction.”

We must admit that George Soros leaves nothing to chance. He knows that it’s not enough to diligently destroy everything in the background, the world must know about his aspirations exactly as he wants it to be seen, “so that others would be scared”. Its “clubs” also include a number of media and publishers from the global network.

The influence of the Soros empire on international media could be classified in detail, but it’s enough to read some articles by different authors about the so-called “information carousels”.

Soros: “I need more, Facebook!”

Yes, he eats everything. He was at war with Facebook for a long time. In November 2018, it was revealed that a “certain company from the United States” hired a counter-intelligence group to uncover dirty business around Facebook.

An American billionaire of Hungarian descent in January this year, published by The New York Times, said that “Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will re-elect Trump because it is good for their business.” Soros accused Zuckerberg of conducting an “informal mutual assistance operation” and made it clear that Zuckerberg could no longer control his social media portal. “One way or another, he should not be allowed to manage Facebook alone.” Uncle Georgie said.

Who knows what background negotiations led to transactions and agreements between the US Supreme Court and Facebook, funded by Zuckerberg. The fact is that subsequently the “Soros chicks” received velvet chairs in control, with Zuckerberg nearby.

Facebook’s censorship court now allows you to directly control all of Facebook’s activities, with full access for Soros.

Why is Facebook so important to Soros?

Based on the report, in the first quarter of 2020, Facebook had an average of just over 2.6 billion active users per month. The Earth’s population, according to a real-time counter, is approaching 7.8 billion people. That is, approximately every third earthling is an active user of Facebook.

Facebook also owns Messenger (1.3 billion users) and WhatsApp (1.6 billion users). It is estimated that the total volume of FB will reach approximately 3.8 billion individual users. Of course, this was not enough for Zuckerberg, so he launched a satellite program to use it to get the Internet in different places on Earth.

Well, here’s the answer: anyone who checks Facebook can control half the world’s population as he pleases. He could win any election.

The date of the “American Grand Prix” is approaching, that is, in the fall of the United States, people choose the president. Many speculate that Facebook helped Trump win the 2016 election. And of course, Russians too. Although there are some strong opinions that the Russians dreamed of Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, for example, this is the opinion of John Brennan, who led the CIA in the Obama era.

So in this world, everything is not as simple as it seems to us, above all, the American election. However, it may be the capture of Facebook by the Soros empire that may fulfill the dream of global liberals about “choosing the right US president.”

But now it’s obvious that Soros created an empire over the states through politicians, financial institutions, organizations that look like civilians, as well as through the media.

The main thing is that he does this without being “elected by George Soros,” and without any political legitimacy. Just money, or rather a lot of money. The acquisition of Facebook is simply an Orwellian weapon for Soros. Big brother is now really breathing in the back of our head, he is in our pocket, hears, sees, texts, shares, loves and likes.

Facebook finances left-wing media.

In April of this year, Facebook invested approximately $ 3 million in the European Journalism Funding Fund to fight Covid – 19. This money was distributed through the European Center for Journalism.

It was this center that organized a conference in Budapest called the News Impact Summit in September 2017 with the support of Google DNI. The conference was attended by trainers from the Central European University of Soros, also the Hungarian Internet portal 444, the Slovak Liberal Dennik, the Polish left-liberal newspaper Wyborcza, the Transparent portal, the famous Transgender Europe, also The Washington Post and Direct 36, and the Slovak liberal publication Sme.

The European Center for Journalism and Facebook, having allocated $ 3 million in emergency assistance to its colleagues, said “We support the work of the most needy small, medium media and journalists in European countries most affected by the epidemic to help them work and maintain free coverage of the fight against coronavirus, primarily for local communities. ”

Given that Hungary is not one of the “European countries most affected by the epidemic,” a slightly awkward goal might be to support the Hungarian left-wing media.

“There is nothing wrong with that,” said representatives of the Hungarian liberal press, amicably and quickly sharing a “generous gift from colleagues”, that is, money from Facebook. They went to the needs of Prohibited Radio, Club Radio, and other groups of Hungarian Free Media, each edition received from 10 to 25 thousand euros.


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