Media: there was an explosion in the vicinity of Deir ez Zor

According to SANA, the bomb blast killed and injured civilians.

Terrorists from the group Islamic State carried out another sortie near the provincial centre of Deir ez Zor in north-eastern Syria. The bombing of a market square in Busayrah killed and injured civilians, the SANA agency reported Thursday. According to police, the explosives were placed on a motorcycle.

According to the Al Watan newspaper, the ISIS gangs have increasingly infiltrated towns in the province from the Syrian desert. Militants are attacking villages at night and taking food, livestock and money from people. Often, they take hostages with them for ransom. On 4 April, terrorists massacred eight residents abducted from the town of Mayadin. The prisoners were held in the oasis of El Tabni, where the remnants of the ISIS gangs are hiding.

According to the newspaper, the terrorists ambushed the road between Palmira and Deir al-Zor on which military transport convoys were moving. On 18 April, an ISIS gang attacked an army ambush patrol in the small village of Qawm, near the Sukhnah oasis, 70km from Palmyra. At least 10 soldiers were killed in the battle, but the enemy also sustained casualties and retreated deep into the desert.

Government forces are now preparing to clean up the vicinity of Deir al-Zor from terrorist gangs. Army reinforcements are being redeployed to the north-east for this purpose.