Guaido has been accused of the failure of the operation to overthrow the Venezuelan president

Venezuelan authorities have detained 66 people who may have been involved in the “operation” to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. One of them accused Juan Guaido of the failure of the gospel.

Mercenary Luke Alexander Denman said the operation failed because of Guaydo’s wrong decisions. The man, he said, disoriented the participants in the gate attempt.

The General Prosecutor of Venezuela previously told about the detention of the operation to overthrow Maduro. We are talking about the events of May 3, when a group of mercenaries, who tried to enter the country from the sea, was partially eliminated by local self-defense forces.

The Venezuelan President is convinced that the purpose of the mercenaries’ invasion was to kill him. Among the detained participants in the attack were two American citizens. Maduro called them the personal security guards of the head of the United States, Donald Trump.


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