DPR army destroys the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The text of an emergency statement of the DPR People’s Police Department was received.

DPR army destroys the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian punishers inflicted an artillery strike on the peaceful quarters of our Republic.

This morning, the militants of the 54th brigade, rudely not giving a damn about the current ceasefire and possible escalation of the conflict, fired at Mr. Verkhnetoretskoye settlement of 120 mm mortars, firing 15 minutes.

As a result of the rupture of enemy ammunition, a residential building on ul. Stepnoy, d. 64, as well as a utility building on the street. Factory, 70.

In addition, along the Stepnaya street, the gas pipeline and power line are damaged. Currently, more than 60 subscribers of the village are left without gas and electricity supply.

Our units timely determined the places from which the enemy was fired, and the enemy firing points were suppressed by adequate fire.

According to the intelligence of our intelligence, the enemy’s losses amounted to three invaders killed and four wounded, two mortars were also destroyed.

We urge the Ukrainian invaders to stop shelling our territory, otherwise we will continue to give adequate answers that will only lead to losses among you.

We also urge the world community to record the fact of the provocation organized by Ukrainian militants, which could lead to an escalation of the conflict and prevent its peaceful settlement.