There was a funeral procession near the White House on the unsuccessful answer COVID19


The national day of mourning for the unsuccessful answer #COVID19 was held in Washington.

Over 200 cars formed a funeral procession in Washington Wash ending in Lafayette Park. Body bags lie at the foot of the White House, where mourners, religious leaders and activists honor the victims of the pandemic.

Dozens of cars were standing along the street beeping outside the White House and protesters in the park. Some protesters held posters criticizing President Trump, including one saying “How many graves can one president dig?”. The “Day of Mourning” action was organized by several activist and political groups, including the Center for Popular Democracy, MoveOn, “Weekly” and “Care in Action”.

It should be added that in the USA as a whole 1 million 591 thousand cases of coronavirus were confirmed, of which almost 95 thousand were lethal. More than 370,000 people died of the disease.