The leader of the Pro Moldova group was accused of corruption

According to former Prime Minister Ion Sturza, it is Andrian Kandu, not the former leader of the Democratic Party Vladimir Plahotniuk, who is a “criminal genius” and author of all illegal economic transactions in the country.


The leader of the Pro Moldova group was accused of corruption

Former Prime Minister Ion Sturza accused former Democrat and current leader of the Pro Moldova group Andrian Canda of involvement in fraudulent money withdrawal schemes, illegal privatization of state property and concession of the Chisinau airport.

“Plahotniuc did not create Canda, it was Canda who created Plahotniuc. When Mr. Plahotniuk was engaged in “business”, Kandu managed it, transferred money to offshore and received 10% for it. He became Plahotniuk’s “godfather” in all economic operations and managed them until recently. His signatures are on many documents, including those of the companies on the Kroll list, which the Prosecutor General’s Office is dealing with today”, –  Sturza said on Moldovan television.

The former prime minister is also sure that Kandu is the brain of Moldova’s criminal system.
“He developed the entire ideology, dealt with state institutions, controlled the government and parliament. Plahotniuc was not involved in politics. I am surprised that Candu did not escape either,” Sturza added.


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