AFP: France may postpone municipal elections to 2021

So far there has been no unequivocal decision on the part of either the government or the political forces, France Presse reports.

AFP: France may postpone municipal elections to 2021

The second round of municipal elections in France may take place in June this year or in January 2021. The proposal was voiced by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at a meeting with representatives of political parties, the agency France Presse reported on Wednesday.

“The Prime Minister was categorically against September and autumn in general, saying that either in June or January”, –  the agency quoted the head of the opposition party “Republicans,” Christian Jacob. Other participants of the meeting confirmed this information, noting that Prime Minister did not want to combine the elections with the beginning of the new academic year. In general, opinions are divided, as long as there is no unequivocal decision either from the government or from political forces, reports France Presse.

The sources of the agency, surrounded by the Prime Minister, said that Philippe wants to prevent the postponement of the elections until later than January 2021. At the end of the week, the Government will submit a report to Parliament, which will indicate its position on this issue.

Earlier, the Scientific Council of the French Government assessed the prospect of holding the second round of municipal elections, postponed due to the Coronavirus disease pandemic. According to the experts’ conclusion, voting was possible in June, but additional measures should be taken to reduce the risk of coronavirus proliferation, including changing the way election campaigns were conducted.


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