Soros wants to decide the fate of Europe

It was over two thousand years ago that the Greeks determined what fate was. They used two concepts to describe time because they knew that we lived in two different times at the same time. One was called Chronos, which measured the time of a finite single, inexhaustible, empirically experienced life. The other was Cairo, which, on the other hand, was to define the infinite and universal existence of eternity.

Soros wants to decide the fate of Europe

Destiny, as interpreted by the Greeks, is an intermediate field linking life to life. The destiny of those who can always integrate their one-time life into universal existence, and those who cannot, their destiny will not be predetermined.

There have been two recent events in the life of Europe that may dramatically show whether the old continent will be able to return to its historical destiny or be doomed forever. Perhaps the strategy outlined by Soros would solve a lot of problems of the “old lady of Europe”, but not quite as “speculative philanthropist” suggests.

The first of these events is the decision of the Constitutional Court of Germany, which declared unconstitutional the activities of the European Central Bank, representing exclusively the interests of the “world financial empire”.

Another event is George Soros’ idea that the European Union should issue perpetual bonds in order to dominate the emerging crisis.

The European Court of Justice, which acts as a global disciplinary body, considers the ECB actions unauthorized. It is worth thinking about how these two issues are connected and what Europe’s chances are in the aftermath of these events. European integration from the very beginning was based on a false pedestal. The ontological lie was built on two insurmountable pillars.

The first pillar was that, for a financially strong and successful global energy system, Western Europe was a heavily controlled showcase, that is, an important visual weapon, “demonstration” in its global war against the Soviet Empire. In this context, this strong and dynamic Western Europe has remained substantial even after the process of “shredding” Eastern and Central European periphery.

The second pillar was the complex convergence of economic systems, and it significantly reduced the transactional costs of European units in global capital structures. Later on, this further reinforced the illusion of infinitely greater prosperity. For this false foundation to be credible and legitimate, it had to be glazed over with a glaze of sublime but false “eternal European values,” and while no one really took it seriously as long as there was interest in global superstructure of power, there was no friction.

However, if the human community finds itself in such a dead end of lies, it will sooner or later lead to the general mental and moral decline of society. This mental and moral viciousness is partly the cause, and partly the result, of a fatal demographic decline, so that Europe’s “duty” has now become complete in material, physical (population and health), spiritual, moral and mental terms.

The epidemic and, in particular, the great fall that accompanied it have struck Europe to the point of extreme disaster and decline, and now it is simultaneously revealing the falsehood and falsity of the entire historical construct, a deficit that is manifest in all dimensions of life.

At the same time, the liberal European structures are still “on the run”, that is, confessing the realities of life. They continue to tell us that Europe’s fate may be terrible and shocking after a pandemic, but they are also developing a strategy that will lead to an even deeper dead end. And since this is not working out very well yet, they are trying to blame those who, like Victor Orban and other politicians in Europe, are exposing these “mortal” strategies of Brussels.

But the decision of the German Constitutional Court shows that part of the German elite clearly understands that – however painful it may be – the time for confrontation has come. The Euro, which is essentially the fourth German imperial brand, is now in danger because both the winners, especially the German elite, and the losers, especially the southern periphery of Europe, considered the system cruel and unjust, and unstable.

Moreover, the “global superstructure of power”, which is increasingly losing control of the fundamental processes of the world, is now not only not interested in the existence of a strong and unified European order, but also strives to achieve the disintegration and decline of Europe for several reasons, which makes this aspiration even more obvious. This is a manifestation of the fact that George Soros has now appeared as a liquidator.

The strategy outlined by Soros that Europe will be able to get out of this hopeless situation only with the help of annuity bonds will indeed solve everything, but not as the speculator suggests. In fact, it would turn Europe into a public limited liability company, whose “Control Deck”, i.e. monopoly on decision-making, would be in the hands of Soros and the “global superstructure of power” that “Uncle Georgie” represents.

This power complex now seeks to completely eradicate Europe, in particular to strangle the emergence of the Eurasian system of cooperation, which is a historical alternative to it, including Europe, Russia and China.

Dr. László Bogár, Miklos Kévéházy, Hungary, especially for News Front.


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