Russian Foreign Ministry comments on Trump’s “super-duper rocket”

Lavrov claims that the United States is forming a concept of confrontation between the United States and Russia instead of stabilizing relations between the countries.

Russian Foreign Ministry comments on Trump's "super-duper rocket"

The US authorities are replacing the stabilization of international relations with Russia, forming the concept of confrontation. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that was reported on Tuesday, May 19.

“In the United States, the current administration has the concept of “strategic stability” disappearing from the vocabulary, and instead of strategic stability as a goal to be pursued in relations between our countries and in relations between all the leading powers of the world, a new concept is used now, a new term – “strategic rivalry of the great powers”. That is, a confrontation is conceptually laid, not a stabilization of the situation”, – Lavrov said.

To understand the reasons for such a transformation of conceptual terms, “a direct dialogue is needed, which, unfortunately, does not exist yet”, the diplomat says.

Russia and the United States plan to hold a video conference on strategic stability, the minister added. Lavrov said that he had previously agreed with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to establish contacts between the special representative of the American President for arms control Marshall Billingsley and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“They had a telephone conversation on May 8 – such a “sighting”, familiarization conversation. The Americans promised that, as soon as they were ready, they would offer specific dates in which it would be possible to organize a video conference, this time to discuss the essence of the problems of strategic stability – as well as “supers” and “dupers” (earlier the US President Donald Trump announced the development of a “superduper missiles” in the country – ed.), and everything else related to nuclear arms control, with the participation of relevant ministry representatives on. Hand, the security services, in an interagency format so that waiting for such a proposal on the terms of our consultations with the video will follow”, – Lavrov continued.

In response to a request to comment on Trump’s words about a “super-duper rocket”, Lavrov said he did not want to go into technical details.

“I do not have technical expertise that allows me to measure the speed of sound and the number of speeds of sound in a given product. <…> I do not want to intrude on this discussion, I make sure that our relations with the United States are not overshadowed by new problems”, – the Russian Foreign Minister summed up.

Recall that earlier Trump announced the creation of a “super-duper missile”. The new rocket develops 17 times faster than conventional rockets. The project has already received a green light, the American leader assured.

Back in February of this year, Donald Trump announced “superfast missiles”. But then he said that the speed of this weapon is six to seven times faster than conventional rockets.


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