Russia is ready to mediate in the confrontation between Israel and Palestine

Russia is ready to become a mediator in the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation, Konstantin Kosachev, head of the international committee of the Federation Council, told the reporters on Wednesday.

Russia is ready to mediate in the confrontation between Israel and Palestine

Earlier, the head of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, said that Palestine had decided to terminate all agreements with Israel and the United States amid the Israeli government’s intentions to annex Palestinian lands. According to him, Palestine is ready to return to negotiations on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict with the mediation of a third party. As Abbas pointed out, negotiations can be held with international participation through a peaceful international conference in accordance with international law.

“Of course, one can’t expect anything good from such a development of the situation. Washington’s clumsy, one-sided actions simply undermine international efforts to bring the interests of the Palestinian-Israeli confrontation to at least some common denominator”, – the senator said.

But, of course, these efforts themselves cannot be stopped in any case, he stressed. According to Kosachev, “Russia sees both sides of this confrontation by its partners with respected and understandable interests for us”. And our partners in the UN Security Council, who voted for resolutions on this topic, and sober-minded politicians in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, adhere to the same position, the parliamentarian said.

“Therefore, we will continue to work, and, of course, we reaffirm our readiness for mediation in the interests of all the related parties”, – Kosachev emphasized.

“Our goal is peace, and not the victory of any one, and only this can be the approach to resolving a long-standing Middle East problem. Unilateral actions have already proved not just inefficiency, but a danger to all residents of the region. So, we need to return to dialogue, not to victories”, – he concluded.

Kosachev noted that the failed “deal of the century” by the US President Donald Trump, which was even condemned by America’s European allies, “was deliberately doomed, because it did not take into account the interests of the Palestinian side and contradicted UN Security Council resolutions on a Middle East settlement”.

“In reality, it was Washington’s “bear service” to Israel, which only threw the process even further from its cherished goal. And the pompous draft of the deal, and the accompanying the US actions – in particular, the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem – all this “inspired” the leadership of the Jewish state, which only intensified unilateral activity on Palestinian lands”, – the legislator emphasized.


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