Protests in Spain: Madrid police dispersed protesters


For the tenth consecutive day, protests continue throughout Spain against government action during the crisis caused by the Coronavirus epidemic, on 19 May.

At once in several cities across Spain, people came out with flags and pots. Protesters in Madrid are accompanied by a police patrol. Police officers monitor protesters for proper distance between people and other norms to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

After a round of applause for the doctors at 20:00, protesters start gathering in different parts of the city and hitting pots. At all demonstrations, protesters chant slogans: “Freedom!” and “Retired government!”. The government delegation claims that the protesters did not request permission from the authorities for these actions.

Several hundred people blocked the street in front of the main office of the Socialist Workers Party of Spain (PSOE) on Ferraz Street and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. However, the biggest protest took place on Paseo de Havana, where protesters blocked the street and the police had to demand five times that the protesters disperse.

The protests began on 11 May, when a group of young people gathered on Via Núñez de Balboa in central Madrid, opposite the house from which very loud music was heard. At that time, 12 people were detained and fined for failing to comply with the decree of the emergency regime. The next day protests spread to other parts of Madrid and other cities in Spain.


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