In Moscow a lawsuit on YouTube was filed – hosting can be closed forever

Video hosting of YouTube can be blocked in the Russian Federation.

The relevant lawsuit was filed with the Moscow City Court by the company “Ontarget”, which creates tests to assess employees.

As it turned out, the administration of YouTube is ready to groundlessly block the channels of undesirable media, but did not react in any way to video clips where job seekers were invited to cheat future employers. The authors of the videos offered to take Ontarget’s tests for them.

In response, the company filed a lawsuit for the protection of exclusive rights against the U.S. Google LLC and demanded to block the YouTube video service in Russia. The request is motivated by the fact that this is a repeated violation.

The court hearing in this case is scheduled for June 5.

As News Front earlier reported, YouTube video hosting has removed all channels of our agency, blocking access to hundreds of videos about the Ukrainian terror in Donbass and other materials that do not correspond to the Western information agenda.