The British refuse to quarantine: Johnson is again at a dead end

The British government with great difficulty decided to impose restrictions in connection with the epidemic of coronavirus. Now the authorities have no less difficult task – to remove the country from quarantine.

The British refuse to quarantine: Johnson is again at a dead end

About this writes the agency “Bloomberg”.

As noted in the media, fear gripped the inhabitants of the United Kingdom amid the fact that the country was in second place in terms of deaths from COVID-19. Stories of grieving family members were actively circulated in the media, giving rise to panic.

“Initially, government advisers were worried that citizens would not accept restrictions, and therefore tried to avoid blocking. Now they worry that they can’t get Britain out of this, ” the publication says.

Nevertheless, some representatives of the ruling Conservative Party believe that the reason is not fear, but the financial assistance provided by the state. So, people can stay at home receiving compensation. However, the government fears that the money runs out.

“Johnson’s task now is to break this deadlock. Perhaps if the incidence and mortality rate continues to fall, if the government’s plans to radically increase testing and implement contact tracing are successful, people will have more confidence, ” the author continues.

Only in this case, Boris Johnson will have to act more responsibly, provide a clearer forecast for the future.