The U.S. has admitted defeat in the battle with COVID-19 – where trillions of dollars have gone

Two months of fighting the Coronavirus epidemic in the United States only showed that the government does not have a really effective strategy.

The U.S. has admitted defeat in the battle with COVID-19 - where trillions of dollars have gone

This was reported by the agency “Reuters” on Monday, May 18.

As noted in the media, there are new “hot spots” for each region, where the number of infected is declining. Every day, one to two thousand people die from COVID-19 and at least 20 thousand are infected.

“In two months, neither health nor economic war has been won in the United States’ struggle against the most serious pandemic in the era of globalization”, –  the article says.

The only thing that has been understood is that current efforts in the United States are not working and that much more time, effort and money is needed to achieve economic and health goals.

The situation was commented on by Harvard University economist James Stoke, who noted that the U.S. is now actively promoting two concepts: total blockage to destroy the coronavirus or “the adoption of mass mortality in the name of herd immunity. The problem is, the expert stresses, that officials are still unable to determine which path to take.

“I am really concerned that we will just hang out”, –  complains Stok.

At the same time, Washington continues to “pour” the crisis with money. As previously reported by News Front, last week the U.S. Congress approved another $3 trillion package of state aid. It is expected that on Tuesday, May 19, Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin and Head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell will address the Senate Banking Committee to present a quarterly report on the implementation of government support. And these officials will have many very uncomfortable questions, the agency notes.

In particular, they recalled the failed salary protection program, which was originally intended for small businesses, but the money received by large network companies.


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