Americans got scared of the Russian “Chaika”

The publication “We Are the Mighty” has published an article about the Russian “sea monster” – screen plan A-050 “The Chaika”.

Americans got scared of the Russian "Chaika"

U.S. journalists write that the new military vessel will be able to take on board nine tons of cargo and a hundred fighters.

“In the USSR, there was a screen-launcher “Lun”, built on the basis of the experimental “Caspian Monster”. The “Chaika” ship on a dynamic air cushion should be a continuation of this longstanding development. The A-050 will be able to travel at speeds of up to 480 km per hour”, –  says the American edition. – “Such a speed will be achieved thanks to air engines. And this speed the vessel will develop both on water and on flat steppe and ice. It will be able to cover almost five thousand kilometers.”

At this speed, the “Seagull” will be able to travel up to 4.8 thousand kilometers with a cargo of 15 tons, in addition, A-050 is planned to arm supersonic missiles such as “Bramos” PJ-10, created jointly by Russia and India.


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