British Army Soldier: British instructors teach Ukrainians to kill each other

Despite diplomatic negotiations designed to find a solution to the conflict in the Donbass, British instructors continue to teach Ukrainian troops to kill their fellow citizens. This is stated in the material of the famous magazine “Soldier of the British Army”.

Neither weather nor other conditions prevent the acquisition of “valuable” skills from British instructors, who, in their opinion, will save the lives of Ukrainians during the war, the article says.

The exercises are held by the first battalion of the Merisi Regiment during the training mission “Operation Orbital”, which is being held for the fourth time.

The operation completely violates the norms of the Minsk agreements, and is rather aimed at disrupting it, but the British military is confident that they are right, which the newspaper’s correspondents are proudly informed of.

“Our task is to train Ukrainian soldiers as best as possible, thereby reducing the number of victims”, – warrant officer Darren Street, who takes part in “Operation Orbital”, assures journalists of the publication.

This operation is part of NATO’s strengthened presence program in the Baltic region and Northeast Europe.

The authors of the article cite statistics in numbers: according to them, another 6 countries also take part in the training of Ukrainian soldiers: Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Canada, USA, Sweden. At the same time, they have trained 17,500 Ukrainian soldiers.

The article says that the current military operations are distinguished by a “special novelty”, which is due to the use of the latest technologies, a modification of existing ones, and a focus on cybernetic and informational military operations.

“Stakeholders are actively conducting diplomatic negotiations, seeking to find a solution to the current situation. Nevertheless, the program is planned to be carried out until March 2023. At the headquarters of the mission, which is located in Kiev, they are developing a strategy for expanding the program by increasing the list of resources and training areas. The goal is the same – to adjust the conflict to NATO standards. That is, it is planned to expand the exercises for the fleet and aviation”, – the material says.

At the same time, the British servicemen involved in the training really believe that their good attempts to train Ukrainian soldiers are justified, and they are the ones that the Ukrainian military is looking forward to host.