Two Israeli policemen injured in attack near Thira

Two Israeli policemen were injured on Saturday night in an attack near the city of Tira, the Israeli police press service said.

“Police officers stopped two suspects to check. At that moment a suspicious car drove up to them, a man got out of the car and opened fire on the officers. Both officers were injured”, – the Press Service said.

One of the police officers was injured in the head, the second was slightly injured. The wounded were taken to the hospital, one of them was operated on.

Police units are mobilized to search for suspects. Roadblocks have been established on the roads around Thira. During the search, six suspects were detained, two Carl Carl Gustav guns were found in one of the buildings during the search. The investigation is ongoing.

Thira is a city with a predominantly Arab population, part of the so-called “Arab triangle” in the center of Israel.