Soros structures found in pandemic an opportunity to point out “bad guys”

Coronavirus from a global crisis has turned into another tool used to achieve political goals.

Soros structures found in pandemic an opportunity to point out “bad guys”

This is stated in the material of the British edition of The Guardian.

According to the author, “a pandemic has become a blessing for world authoritarian figures, tyrants and fanatics,” as it gave them what they wanted, namely, “fear and cover of darkness”. The first in the list of “bad guys” presented in the article was Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Politics, whom the United States hoped to overthrow several years ago, is accused of deliberately leaving Syrians in areas held by “the opposition, that is, militants”. With such allegations, the author refers to data from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, an American structure that regularly receives funding from the Open Society Foundation, the scandalous oligarch George Soros. It is noteworthy that Western countries criticized official Damascus when it tried to free the regions captured by the militants.

China has also been criticized, accused of “holding a million Uyghur Muslims in internment camps”.

The author accuses Beijing of being “cramped and without proper sanitation”. Moreover, he argues that Beijing “forces” Muslims to work instead of those “who are allowed to stay at home and protect themselves”.

The Hungarian Prime Minister and George Soros’s fierce opposition, Victor Orban, was once again called a “dictator” because the parliament granted extraordinary powers in a pandemic. In particular, Orban was criticized for ordering the detention of people who “spread false information”.

The list of “bad guys” also includes Benjamin Netanyahu, for whom the pandemic has become an opportunity to “lure” the opposition into the government, while retaining its power.

“The new coalition is committed to a program that will allow Israel to join the main areas of the West Bank, permanently absorbing the territory that should belong to the future Palestinian state, and this process will begin in early July”, – the author emphasizes.

The publication cites the words of Robin Niblett, director of the British think tank Chatham House, which is also funded by Soros. Niblett claims that the “global bad guys” actually “demonstrate their weakness rather than strength”, because “if they are not able to save the lives of their citizens, their power will collapse”.

“However, for many world leaders, coronavirus should not even be an excuse. His main value is the global distraction that he created, allowing unprincipled rulers to do harm when natural critics at home and abroad are preoccupied with urgent matters of life and death”, – the article says.


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