Medics in France have protested against the coronavirus


Before the Covid-19 crisis, French health workers were already protesting for increased funding for public hospitals.

The Coronavirus crisis reinforced their demands. Before the Covid-19, the medical staff of the public hospital demanded increased funding and condemned the closure of beds. Two months later, the medical staff returned to the streets to remind the government of their demands. Several dozen workers at the Robert Debre Hospital in Paris gathered in front of their institution, armed with pots and pans, hoping to be heard.
“Things have not changed. “We go back to the world before the crisis, only worse. We have to stop it. You have to increase the number of beds, stop saving money on public hospitals and review minimum wages,” said Cherin Benzoid, a pediatric cardiologist at Robert Debre Hospital.

The anger has been exacerbated by statements from the government and most in recent days. Government spokeswoman Sibet Ndiaye said Wednesday that the “medal for commitment to epidemics” will be “renewed” to “reward those who have devoted themselves during the crisis”.

The medical staff said: “We do not want their medals, we are not heroes. We are employees, we want to work in good conditions,” Cherin Benzoid adds.


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