Britain is puzzled by the success of the prime minister – Johnson admired Reagan so much that he borrowed the worst

The ratings of the Prime Minister of Great Britain can cause just perplexity. All his mistakes and half-truths are forgiven only because he is Boris. But Boris is not even his real name.

Britain is puzzled by the success of the prime minister - Johnson admired Reagan so much that he borrowed the worst
CARDIFF, WALES – JULY 30: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives a thumbs up sign after meeting the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford in the National Assembly for Wales on July 30, 2019 in Cardiff, Wales. The PM is due to announce £300m of funding to help communities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

This is stated in the article by The Guardian.

Boris Johnson was able to win the election, despite incoherent speech, an inability to answer hostile questions, and even escape from those in the refrigerator. Johnson does not know how to cope with problems, but masterfully comes out of the water dry. In this regard, the author drew parallels between the current British Prime Minister and the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. It is noteworthy that Johnson himself called Reagan his idol.

“As with Johnson, Reagan’s reigns were often marked by breaking promises and scandals, evasiveness and incompetence. After they pledged to liquidate the federal government’s debt “by 1983, if not earlier,” he tripled it during his presidency, ”the article says.

Reagan is known as a politician who does not control the situation. He was called lazy and detached, but the Americans were not bothered by his flaws. Because of this, critics began to call Reagan the “Teflon president,” because the negative did not “stick” to him. Johnson’s opponents have the same problem, the publication emphasizes.

When Reagan went to a second term, the Democrats openly pointed out his many shortcomings and warned of their consequences. This did not stop Reagan from defeating his opponent in 49 of the 50 states.

“This may be a warning to [Labor leader] Keir Starmer, even though he exposes Johnson’s bluff and recklessness with almost embarrassing ease in parliament. Sometimes, voters prefer irresponsible leaders to realists, partly because voters themselves can be political visionaries, ”the article says.

Nevertheless, Johnson does not have the key advantage that Reagan possessed – in the eighties of the last century, the US position on the world stage was strengthened due to the growth of Silicon Valley and the crisis of the Soviet bloc.

“The UK, shared by Brexit and the devolution, which experienced economic difficulties even before the blockade, is becoming an increasingly risky place for politicians. There is a danger that they will sound deceptive and absurd. Johnson’s joyful nationalism can have unpleasant consequences, ”the author stated.


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