US resumes anti-Russian maneuvers in Europe

The United States is resuming the transfer of armed forces to Europe to host the notorious Defender Europe 2020 exercises.

US resumes anti-Russian maneuvers in Europe

This was commented on by Ukrinform in the European command of the US Armed Forces.

As News Front previously reported, the notorious maneuvers of the alliance have become known due to their scale and clear anti-Russian orientation. The task of the exercises is to work out the only operation – countering the enemy in the European theater of operations with causing enough damage to force the opponent to capitulate. Although the organizers do not indicate who exactly they mean by the enemy, it is clear that in Europe it can only be Russia.

“After a thorough assessment of the planning between the US Ground Forces and the Polish Ministry of Defense, the exercises planned for May will be held on June 5-19 at the Polish training ground,” the US command said.


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