Montenegro Protest: Stones and bottles of police tearing protesters

Montenegrin police used tear gas against demonstrators in the cities of Niksic and Plevlya, where believers took part in protests against the detention of the Bishop of Budimlyan-Niksic Serbian Orthodox Church (TWS) Ioannicius and seven priests.

Despite the ban on holding mass events due to the coronavirus pandemic, clergy held a meeting of believers for the feast of St. Basil of Ostrog in Niksic.

Demonstrators demanded the immediate release of detainees, and also stoned the police with stones. As a result, several people were injured. Among them, one child, as well as several police officers. In addition to the clergy, the police also detained reporters.

According to police, the protesters were armed with stones, bottles and pyrotechnic equipment, and masks were put on their faces.


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