Confessions of a terrorist Daesh: We have performed numerous operations in coordination with the US occupation forces

As a result of a special security operation in collaboration with local residents in the Syrian desert (Al-Badiya), the competent authorities ambushed the Daesh terrorist cell, which consists of six members, three of which were destroyed and the rest were arrested – Salah Jaber Ad-Daher named Abu Abdurrahman Al-Salafi, Ali Salim Yahya, nicknamed Abu Al-Bara Al-Homsi and Amer Abdel-Ghaffar Naame, nicknamed Abu Sawan.

Confessions of a terrorist Daesh: We have performed numerous operations in coordination with the US occupation forces

Three terrorists on As-Surya TV channel admitted that they carried out various terrorist operations, ranging from murders, executions and kidnappings to sabotage and destruction of state and private property. They noted that many of these operations were carried out in coordination with the leaders of the Daesh terrorist organization and US occupation forces deployed in the At-Tanf area on the Syrian-Jordanian border.

The terrorist Ad-Dacher, who was born in Idleb in 1998, said that in 2018 he joined the Daesh terrorist organization through one of his relatives, who took advantage of his difficult financial situation.

For his part, the militant Abu Al-Bara Al-Homsi, born in 1999, a resident of Homs, noted that in 2017 he met the owner of a clothing store Firas Al-Khalid, who offered him an amount of one hundred to two hundred dollars and transferred to the province of Rakka, where he joined a takfiri organization.

Abdel-Ghaffar, who was born in Hasak in 2001, said that in April 2019 he contacted a relative, a member of DAISH, who offered him money and a car for joining the ranks of this terrorist organization.

Terrorists noted that for several weeks they took religious courses and jihad courses, as well as were trained in the possession of various types of weapons.

They indicated that while in the ranks of the Daesh terrorist organization, they had met other fighters of various nationalities, among them citizens of Turkmenistan, Chechnya, Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, France, Britain and Indonesia.

Militants said they participated in attacks on civilians in the Syrian desert looking for truffles, and killed 21 of them in addition to terrorist operations against patrols and convoys of the Syrian army.

The terrorists testified that they had been instructed by the US military in the At-Tanf region to launch attacks on the positions of the Syrian Arab army, in particular in the areas of Tadmore, T-4 airfield and oil fields.

According to the testimony, they had links with the Magavir As-Saura and Kasad factions supported by the US occupation forces. The Americans provided them with various weapons and supplies with food, and also paid from 100 to 1,000 dollars, depending on their position.