Trump tightens measures to overcome crisis, while it is gaining new momentum

The outbreak of the pandemic hit Donald Trump’s election expectations, putting him in need not only to make every effort to save the lives of more than a million Americans, but also to deal with the consequences of the damage caused to the economy.

Trump tightens measures to overcome crisis, while it is gaining new momentum

The principle of restoring the economic regime is based on racial rhetoric and the new Obamageit conspiracy theory.

Obviously, the slogan “Make Ameriсa great again” in the near future is not destined to come true, primarily as a result of neglect of the pandemic at the initial stage of its spread. During his speech at a press conference on Monday, Trump was again optimistic, saying that the United States conducted the largest number of tests for coronavirus among all countries. However, this is far from the case – among the leaders in testing and detecting the disease are Italy, Denmark and New Zealand.

It is possible that the holding of this press conference, during which the government also allocated $11 billion to accelerate the testing process, was a preventive measure before the appearance of an infectious diseases specialist Anthony Fauchi in absentia in court.

Recently, to the question of an American journalist of Asian descent about why it is necessary to turn a nationwide tragedy into a global competition for testing, Trump retorted as follows:

“Maybe this is the question that you should ask China?”

Here we observe the racial-ethnic rhetoric of Trump’s attacks.

They also unveiled a new fallback strategy designed to accuse the previous leader of trying to undermine Trump’s victory in 2016. Obama’s supporters call this move a “deep state conspiracy”.

“Obamageit. This went on for a long time. This went on even before I was elected, and it’s a shame that this happened”, – Trump said without evidence. When asked to identify the crime in which Trump accuses Obama of Twitter, he replied: “You know what the crime is. The crime is obvious to everyone”.

Trump’s regular statements and actions show that he will use every lever of the presidency to ensure his political survival.


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