Media: Hong Kong police detained about 200 protesters

On May 10, demonstrators took to the streets, tried to spread and set fire to the garbage on the roadway.

Hong Kong police detained about 200 people who participated in anti-government protests on 10 May in the Bangkok area on the mainland. This was reported on Monday by the Xiangang Lingyi news portal.

Hundreds of youth demonstrators gathered on Sunday in several major shopping malls across the metropolitan area. Police forces forced participants to disperse, saying they were breaking social distance rules that forbid groups of more than eight people to assemble. In the Bangkok area, protesters took to the streets where they tried to scatter and set fire to garbage in the driveway.

As the epidemiological situation in Hong Kong improves, there are signs of increased protest movement that began last summer. In the past three weeks, no new local coronavirus cases have been identified in Hong Kong, and the authorities have moved to ease restrictive measures. Against this background, groups of demonstrators have tried to periodically remind themselves of their actions in a number of shopping centres.

On May 6, the Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China for Hong Kong and Macao pointed out the inadmissibility of resuming anti-government protests in Hong Kong. Beijing stressed that the central government “will not sit idly by” and will not allow the activation of destructive forces that “seek to destroy the foundation of prosperity and stability in Hong Kong”.