In London, the United States and Britain were recognized as the “biggest losers” of the COVID-19 era

It is ironic that the two countries whose leaders promised to restore their former greatness are now brought to their knees by the coronavirus.

This was told by “The Guardian” columnist Nesrin Malik.
She stressed that neither Donald Trump in the US nor Boris Johnson in the UK were caught by the pandemic. Both countries were able to assess the magnitude of the problem by the situation in China and Italy, as well as by scientific warnings. Both countries had plenty of time to prepare. Both countries are now known for the highest number of deaths from coronavirus.

“The similarities are striking, the conclusions are inevitable”, –  says the journalist. –  “Here in Britain, we were comforted by the belief that although our right-wing Buffonade leader had his shortcomings, at least he was not Donald Trump. But, in the end, Boris Johnson managed to stumble even through the lowest obstacles. The UK government’s response to the crisis was almost as frivolous and poorly prepared as the US response.”

Malik calls Britain and the United States “the biggest losers” in the current situation, although both countries “are so proud of their extraordinary economic, historical and political status.

“Their fall into sin is the result of a spoiled political culture and a special form of Anglo-American capitalism,” says the columnist.