In Denmark, the loud calls for namaz caused outrage among residents

Danish activists from the pan-European group Generation Identity put up a huge banner with the inscription “Stop the prayer calls” in protest against the outrageously loud muezzin call to prayer.

Shortly after rumours of protest reached those inside the mosque, Muslims took to the streets in Gallerup, a multicultural area of Denmark’s Aarhus, to demonstrate the power of Islam in Denmark, according to local media reports.

Several videos appeared online in which aggressive Muslim youths drive cars through the streets, signal their clacksons, break traffic rules and listen to music loudly.

The “Mosque of Peace”, as it is unironically called, is the second largest mosque in Aarhus and was one of the few mosques in Denmark that once refused to distance itself from the Islamic state prohibited in Russia. Gallerup, which is a breeding ground for young Islamic extremists, saw young Muslims driving around in their cars in 2015, waving black IGIL flags and AK-47 toy assault rifles.

Although Islamic calls to prayer are not explicitly forbidden by law in Denmark, there is undoubtedly a strong rejection among Danes and the Danes are certainly not alone in opposing insultingly loud calls to prayer. The same aversion exists and is widespread in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France and other European countries.


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