In recent years, the Russian Navy received weapons that have no analogues in the world

Military expert Alexei Leonkov spoke about the unique weapons that the Russian Navy received in recent years.

It is reported by the portal Baltnews.

“If we talk about Russian weapons that no one in the world has, we must definitely say about the Package-NK anti-submarine defense system. This is a universal complex, which is installed on corvettes and frigates and allows these ships to successfully deal with the submarines and torpedoes that they launch. The name “Package-NK” is due to the fact that both anti-torpedoes and anti-submarine torpedoes can be in the launcher, ”he said.

The expert noted that, despite the fact that the US and NATO put the use of torpedo weapons in priority, they could not achieve Russia’s success in this area.

“Also, Russian ships received modern air defense systems – these are analogues of the S-300 ground systems, the Buk complex, and in the near future they will receive an analogue of the Tor complex. These complexes, as in the ground version, work in motion – the ship moves, and the complex protects it. They perform different tasks – for example, the S-300 analogue works on carriers and on air attack means, ” Leonkov added.

In addition, ice class ships are being created in Russia. They will control the Northern Sea Route in the Arctic Ocean.