The story of General Flynn: power in the United States passes to the president

One can try to discern a great desire in history with the justification of General Flynn, that is, the main victims of the “Russian dossier” and “Rushagate,” some signs of an improvement in US bilateral relations. It was you quite logical, but fundamentally wrong. The story of General Flynn is a story about revenge and repentance, and the story is purely American. Russian hackers, sanctions and conversations between Putin and Trump – this is just a news background that creates an entourage for this essentially eternal story.

The story of General Flynn: power in the United States passes to the president

Recall the plot: the US official was able to plant the main loyalist of the US president using a rather dirty trick: perjury trap – provoking him to a lie during interrogation by FBI agents, and then forcing him to plead guilty in the name of protecting his family about persecution by the FBI. The admission of Flynn’s guilt, despite the fact that it had nothing to do with the essence of the anti-Russian scandal, was necessary for the Democrats like air – it gave them and those Republicans who sincerely hated Trump and would not mind seeing him behind bars, hope that that his main supporters can either be transplanted, or force one of them to slander the president himself. It was not possible to transplant everyone, but the sediment remained.

The fact that the most loyal presidential comrade-in-arms of the state security sector was in prison was often used against the president by his own supporters. Until recently, the general behind bars was pretty convincing evidence that Trump is a weak, weak-willed, fearful and unpromising leader who cannot effectively defend even his closest associates. In the context of the epidemic, the end of impeachment and the replacement of key players within the American intelligence community, as well as the prosecutor’s office, the situation is gradually turning against the Democrats and the “deep state” from the FBI and other American intelligence services that were behind the “rashagate”.

The unprecedented decision of the US Department of Justice to withdraw the criminal case against Flynn with the motivation “The FBI violated its own standards, and the defendant’s lie did not matter to the essence of the investigation” is a symbol of the fact that the US repressive apparatus passes under the control of the president, and now he has a chance to prove disappointed supporters of their strength.

Now the question is in full swing: Does the White House have the ability and courage to do the same with the authors of Rashageit that they did with General Flynn, especially since in their case they don’t even need to catch someone on a lie – documents in the archives of the FBI, Senate, Congress and the US Department of Justice, there are enough for several indictments now.

Judging by indirect evidence, the Trump administration, which requires Congress to publish transcripts of closed meetings and interrogations as part of the Rashagate, has chosen the following strategy: first popular anger, then criminal prosecution. And the main prize for Trump may not be an accusation against Mueller or the FBI leadership, but evidence that President Obama and, possibly, Joe Biden personally knew that the FBI was illegally spying on the headquarters of the Republican candidate. Actually, this is precisely the main result of the publication of declassified materials of the Congress Intelligence Committee, which are already actively written by the Western press, including the British Daily Mail.

If Biden can be removed from the political scene with the help of compromising material related to Rashageit, then this will certainly be Trump’s ingenious move. And the question is not even whether this compromising evidence is against Biden himself or only to Obama, but whether the president has the courage to use it to the full extent – all the same, the feeling that Trump is afraid to a certain degree of too much anger ” deep state ”, appeared not from scratch.

But, on the other hand, it is possible that the political and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus will give the US president additional courage with far-reaching political consequences.