Trump vetoed a resolution prohibiting him from using force against Iran

U.S. President Donald Trump has vetoed a Congressional resolution prohibiting him from using military force against Iran, the White House said.

Trump vetoed a resolution prohibiting him from using force against Iran

“It was a very offensive resolution. It was created by Democrats as part of their strategy to sow discord among Republicans and try to win the November 3 elections. Those few Republicans who supported the resolution were just playing along with the Democrats”, –  Trump said in a statement.

In addition, he believes the resolution’s authors did not understand the situation. In particular, the president assured that the U.S. already does not use force against Iran, while the liquidation of Commander of the Iranian Quds special unit Kassem Suleimani during the U.S. special operation in Iraq a few months ago was completely legal. In particular, it was permitted by the resolution on the use of military force in Iraq of 2002.

“In addition, this resolution (which Trump vetoed – IF) would have severely limited the President’s ability to protect the United States, its allies and partners. The resolution provided that the president had the legal right to use military force only to defend against an imminent attack. That would be totally unacceptable”, – the U.S. president stressed.

He explained that there are many threats to the U.S. in the world, and these threats change over time.

“The constitution states that the president should have the opportunity to act ahead and take quick and decisive action. That’s exactly what I did (in Suleimani’s case)”, –  Trump summed up.

In the winter of 2020, after Suleimani’s elimination, the U.S. Congress decided to try to limit Trump’s powers in terms of military action against Iran. Congressmen believed that without such a restriction Trump could start a war.

In the US, the president cannot wage war without Congressional approval. But he has the right, without the approval of the legislature, to conduct operations abroad that are limited in scope and time.


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