The United States is studying the prospects of a thermonuclear strike on Moscow

Even the United States will face the consequences of a thermonuclear strike on the Russian capital.

This conclusion was reached by the authors of a study published by the American portal “We Are The Mighty”. Thus, experts simulated the use of a hydrogen bomb with a capacity of 10 thousand megatons, which was once worked on by theoretical physicist Edward Teller.

As noted in the publication, the explosion of such a bomb would be 670 thousand times more powerful than the explosion that occurred in Hiroshima, when the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb on a Japanese city “Kid”. A hydrogen bomb of 10,000 megatons would have been enough to fry all of France or Germany, the material says.

At the same time, it stressed that the impact would be much more disastrous. As an example, the authors modeled the blow to Moscow. At the same time, the image shows the consequences of a 100 megaton bomb. Thus, the consequences of a 10,000 megaton hydrogen bomb would be much more disastrous and could well reach the United States.

“Powerful nuclear fallout would immediately lead to lethal levels of radiation in many countries and would probably poison the entire Earth”, –  the experts stated.