US declares cold war to China without resources to win

American propaganda has convinced many citizens that China allegedly poses a “direct threat to their prosperity and well-being.” That was the beginning of the confrontation, for which the United States simply has no means.

US declares cold war to China without resources to win

About this in a publication for the agency «Bloomberg» said honored professor at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University Hal Brands.

“Across the ideological spectrum, US hostility towards China has increased just as the financial consequences of a pandemic threaten to harm the US defense budget for years to come,” the expert notes.

According to him, the coronavirus pandemic helped Washington convince Americans of the reality of the Chinese threat. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are now competing in tough anti-Chinese rhetoric before the election. The Cold War projected by analysts with China is becoming more likely, but the coronavirus puts the United States at a disadvantage.

Brands draws attention to the fact that attempts to “flood” the crown-crisis with billions of dollars entail a budget deficit in other areas. In particular, the Pentagon will be one of the victims.


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