Dodon is ready to go for a second term

The current Moldovan president did not rule out that he would run for president this fall.

Dodon is ready to go for a second term

In an exclusive interview with TASS First Deputy General Director Mikhail Gusman, Igor Dodon summarized the interim results of his stay with the authorities and did not rule out that he could again take part in the presidential elections in the republic scheduled for this fall.

“I think one of the main merits is that we got rid of the oligarchic regime,” he said. – An important result was that we began to pursue a balanced foreign policy. Even against the background of the agreements that we have signed with the European Union, we managed to obtain observer status in the Eurasian Economic Union. ”

According to him, Chisinau needs consolidation of the Moldovan society, within which there are divisions, as well as “more results on the Transnistrian settlement”.

“I believe that Moldova will be a generally stronger state if we solve this problem, if we unite,” said Dodon. “For the sake of this, it’s worth taking part in the presidential election once again and winning in order to move in this direction.”


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