The U.S. is ready to surrender to the coronavirus – the mortality rate will increase to 3,000 per day

Many States are now beginning to reduce quarantine measures as the coronavirus begins to recede. However, the U.S. and UK have not been able to reduce mortality due to COVID-19. On the contrary, the number of victims of the epidemic is steadily increasing there.

The U.S. is ready to surrender to the coronavirus - the mortality rate will increase to 3,000 per day

This is stated in the Newsweek article.

As of today, 1.21 million infected and almost 70 thousand deadly deaths have been recorded in the United States. Although the mortality rate in Italy is higher, only in the U.S. and Britain these statistics are not declining, but growing.

“Weeks earlier, the outbreaks began in many countries, where the mortality rate has now begun to decline, but it is unclear whether the U.S. will soon be able to see such changes. In some areas of the country the number of deaths has clearly decreased, while in others they have increased, including in several states that have decided to ease the restrictions”, –  the publication says.

Health experts are worried that the authorities are trying to lift restrictions at the state level. They have already revised their forecasts, doubling the number of possible fatalities due to the premature lifting of quarantine. So, it is supposed that up to 135 thousand people will die from coronavirus in the USA.

Referring to internal projections of the White House, The New York Times reports that by June 1, every day will die about 3 thousand Americans, and this will not be the limit.
As previously reported by News Front, the situation is aggravated by questionable decisions of Donald Trump’s administration in the field of ecology. Scientists have come to the conclusion that air pollution is aggravating the epidemiological situation. At the same time, U.S. authorities allowed industrial enterprises to ignore their obligations to monitor pollution and also reduced the standard of fuel efficiency.


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