Morales described measures used in Bolivia because of COVID-19 as repressive

The former President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, regretted the crisis in the country, citing repressive measures taken by the current Government against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Morales described measures used in Bolivia because of COVID-19 as repressive

“This is the only country (Bolivia) where the pandemic is being fought with (tear gas), rifles and tanks. Repression, extortion and arrests continue”, –  said Morales, who is currently in Argentina, in an interview with Radio Sputnik.

According to the country’s former leader, the current Bolivian government, headed by Acting President Jeanine Agnès, lives by double standards, because a few days ago it became known that the daughters of the Acting President violated quarantine measures.

“For the authorities and their families, there is still tourism and birthday celebrations, while ordinary people do not even have food”, –  Morales said.

“There are two pandemics in Bolivia: on the one hand, the coronavirus, which kills disease, and on the other, the dictatorship, which kills us by starvation. This pandemic (COVID-19) paralyzes production, while the dictatorship, with its corruption and nepotism, paralyzes public companies. Four months ago, they stopped a factory in the city of Cochabamba, which lost $30 million in profits and the market with Brazil. We are in a bad economic situation”, –  the former president added.

According to Morales, in order to effectively fight against the Coronavirus and improve the economic situation in Bolivia, we need a power that has authority before the people who were democratically elected in the elections.


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