LPR: law enforcements are placing equipment near residential buildings in Donbass again

Kiev law enforcers continue to place equipment near the line of contact in Donbass near residential buildings, an official representative of the People’s Police of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic, Yakov Osadchiy, said.

“Despite the truce agreements, the command of the Joint Force Operation continues to place heavy equipment in residential areas of settlements”, –  said Osadchy.

According to him, mortar firing positions and placement of three BMP-2 in close proximity to residential houses were recorded in the settlement of Orekhovo, controlled by Kiev, on the eve of shelling of the LPR territory.

In addition, the armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian security forces were recorded in the Kiev-controlled part of the Golden Zone. In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces violated the silence regime twice on Monday.

Osadchy called on all residents of the occupied territories of Donbass to prevent the deployment of weapons by law enforcement agencies and to inform the OSCE SMM observers about all the cases identified.