Economic recovery will cost Trump tens of thousands of American lives

This statement was made by American journalists in an article for publication CNN.

Economic recovery will cost Trump tens of thousands of American lives

The victims of the American pandemic, admitted as a result of the negligent and slow attitude of the Trump administration to the threat, are 70 thousand claimed lives and 30 million lost jobs, as well as a deep economic crisis, the scale of which is compared by analysts with the period of the Great Depression.

The introduced quarantine and self-isolation regime brought a relatively positive result, thereby reducing the spread of coronavirus infection in hot spots like California and New York. Nevertheless, the data on the distribution of COVID-19 as of May 4 are by no means encouraging, showing that the Americans cannot be defeated without the speedy use of vaccines. At the same time, Trump acts within the framework of his traditional policy, unreasonably accusing China of spreading the coronavirus, or of its own subordinates – of hiding data on the threat of a pandemic.

On Sunday on Fox News, the American leader expressed dissatisfaction with the slowness of several states in the resumption of their economic activity. He stressed that those states are moving in the right direction that are “opening up their economies, and they can do this safely and quickly”.

A study by the University of Washington’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation found that 134,000 people would die by August of COVID-19 in the United States. This will result from the premature weakening of the isolation regime and the withdrawal of a number of states from the quarantine regime, which will entail the active movement of citizens across the country. Moreover, according to experts, the total number of cases of coronavirus infection is growing by 20%.

Trump’s enthusiasm is partially beset by the chief specialist in coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci: according to his statements, there is no reason for the early resumption of economic processes, since the relaxation of restrictions due to the opening of enterprises will lead to new outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

“How many more deaths and sufferings are you willing to accept in order to return to your ideal economic model?” – he asks.

“I feel that I have a moral obligation to provide the information that I give. People will make their own choice”.

This is the terrifying choice that the Trump administration had to face. The “opening of the economy” is undoubtedly beneficial to the American President as part of his election campaign, but the price of such a decision is tens of thousands more lives, claimed by the pandemic, which, judging by all forecasts, is not going to decline.


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